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Supply chain & operations management – world-class level

The performance of a company’s value network - from the subcontractor to the end customer – is essential for its success. We use our comprehensive supply chain insights to help you to enhance performance, reduce costs, optimise capital investments and fixed capital and make your supply chain more sustainable.

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Planning – First-class end-to-end supply chains

Key requirements for a high-performance value network are clear strategic orientation, intelligent planning models and processes and powerful supply chain organisation. We elevate your value chain to world-class level.

  • End-to-end supply chain strategy & footprint
  • Supply chain design & optimisation
  • Supply chain resilience
  • Low impact supply chains
  • Circular supply chains
  • Sales forecasting, sales & operations planning
  • Advanced supply chain planning
  • Supply chain processes & organisation
  • Supply chain applications & planning applications



Procurement – Realising maximum value propositions through purchasing

Your purchasing department must be prepared now for future requirements  if it has to support the profitability and sustainability of your business in future. We cooperate with our clients to align their purchasing activities strategically and operationally with future challenges and help them to achieve procurement excellence.

  • Procurement excellence transformation
  • Sustainable purchasing strategies & concepts
  • Product group management, product group strategies
  • Cross-functional cooperation
  • Procurement market research, global sourcing, best country sourcing
  • Supplier management
  • Robust procurement & inbound logistics
  • Purchasing organisation & processes, purchasing governance
  • E-procurement solutions



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Production - Strategic alignment and increased productivity

Production is not simply a cost pool, but above all a competitive factor. We support you with a top-down and bottom-up approach. We help you defining the future strategic direction of production while at the same time improving effectiveness and efficiency (performance, costs, capital) by consistently eliminating waste. The ultimate result: you will consume fewer resources, decrease your environmental impact and operate more sustainably.

  • Production strategies
  • "Low impact" production network & footprint
  • Make or buy, outsourcing, insourcing
  • Production expansion & relocation
  • Sustainable factory
  • Rationalisation & automation
  • Performance & productivity improvement, operations excellence, lean production
  • Production planning & controlling
  • Production organisation & processes
  • Production applications



Logistics – Establishing an efficient, sustainable logistics system

Profitable growth requires efficient and sustainable logistics. We implement sustainable best practice solutions for intra and transport logistics (inbound and outbound) in cooperation with our clients.

  • Logistics strategies & concepts
  • Robust logistics footprints and transport networks
  • Make or buy, outsourcing, insourcing
  • Logistics service provider evaluation, transport & logistics service purchasing
  • Lean logistics in intralogistics
  • Logistics processes & organisation
  • Logistics controlling
  • Transport & logistics management applications



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