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Our REMOTE Consulting Models

Often, our clients do not wish to initiate an extensive consulting project. Rather, they would like to discuss specific problems and issues, or even solutions they have developed. They would like an expert opinion – simple, flexible and ideally online. Zellweger Management Consultants offers remote consultations specifically for your individual requirements. Access consultations and support easily and on demand.

On request

From CHF 330.00 excl. VAT

  • Remote consultancy on demand
  • Remote coaching on demand
  • Any drafts/notes are made freely available
  • No duration
  • Payment upon order placement


Price/subscription unit:
From CHF 11,900.00 excl. VAT

  • Remote consultancy, coaching, analyses and development of solutions
  • Detailed documentation of results
  • (Minimum) subscription unit 40h
  • Duration per subscription unit up to a maximum of 5 weeks
  • Reporting at cost
  • Payment upon order placement


On request

  • Consultancy, coaching, analyses (onsite/offsite)
  • Procedure planned on an individual basis customised to your requirements
  • Results in accordance with planned procedure and offer
  • Duration individually determined as scheduled
  • Payment and reporting as per planned procedure

Target group

Ideal if you need targeted, one-off input/coaching on a specific topic.

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Target group

Ideal if you need longer-term support on a specific topic.

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Target group

Ideal for larger projects with resource requirements that are difficult to predict.

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